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How long does a propranolol tableg take to work?

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Trickymoments Wed 20-Jul-16 08:30:54

I've got to do a presentation on Friday and am nervous already. I have some propranalol from the GP that she gave me with my AD's but never taken them yet.
How long before should I take one for it to work?

Houseofmirth66 Wed 20-Jul-16 22:07:53

Half an hour. Take it an hour before so you have time to recognise that it's worked and you feel confident. Really works well and no weird side effects.

MountainDweller Thu 21-Jul-16 00:30:37

Try taking one on a day when you don't have a presentation to see how it make you feel. I was exhausted and sweaty when I first started them!

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