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Fed up of my anxiety.

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IveGotCheese Sun 17-Jul-16 08:59:36

I suffer anxiety/depression and have done since I was 15. My anxiety symptoms completely disappear when I'm out in public with DD but return when she's away. I go out to work in a town centre everyday and I do feel anxious but I just get on with it and it doesn't bother me that much.

As soon as it's the weekend and I have a few hours child free whilst DD goes to her dad's I start panicking about going anywhere. I want to go into town and do a bit of shopping and I start sweating and heart palpitations whilst I'm getting ready. I have a horrible feeling of dread and end up feeling sick. I only want to nip to bloody Primark and the pound shops for some essentials. I'm forcing myself to go because I need to get out of this rut of festering in the house like a recluse.

I have had therapy before for it and it worked but now it's come back. I'm fed up of this. I just want to be able to go out of my house for a bit of 'me time' without feeling like I'm about to die. I shouldn't have to use my two year old as a security blanket to leave the house. I don't have life outside of work and DD and I want to change it but it's so hard when I feel like this.


bobby81 Sun 17-Jul-16 09:54:58

Hi, you said you've had therapy before that worked so why not try that again? Remember anxiety is a real illness and it's important to get help before it gets any worse. Do you have a supportive gp you could talk to?
I really feel for you, I sometimes suffer from anxiety & really have to keep a hold of it so it doesn't take over but it's not always easy. X

MyPelvicFloorTrainsItself Sun 17-Jul-16 18:40:26

Anxiety is awful. I've just started taking beta blockers for it and so far I'm feeling much better.

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