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i want to be out tonite .... but im a billy no mates

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biglips Sat 16-Jul-16 21:42:42

i'm trying to think of what can i do to make new mates?
ive got 3 kids, age 3 , 7 and 11.
I'm 41 and work part time in a cafe. I've made great friends with the 5 people who works there as i also go to Clubbercise with them on the weds. (its a struggle to do any more in the week cos of gotta work around the kids great social life!!) but prob can do at weekends.

BUT I'm bbboooooorrreeeedd and so fed up!!......cant seem to shift this shitty feeling of "If i die, would anyone bother to turn up, even my family! (aunties, uncles etc)"

My mind is going overtime

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