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Persistent anger and frustration is ruining my life

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bungleknows Fri 15-Jul-16 12:54:49

Hi everyone

I have posted in mental health as the symptoms I am describing, I am not sure if mental health is causing them or the symptoms are aggravating poor mental health.

At certain times of the month- around ovulation and the run up to my period, I experience irrational rage and anger. I get irrationally angry at people (inside- I don't let people know) to the extent I get so frustrated I was to jump out of my skin/scratch my skin off or fly into a rage.

I work from home mainly which does not help at all and I have 4 children ranging from 5-15 yrs. I HATE the fact that I am now this nasty, bitter person sometimes. I get irrationally angry at small injustices and play these thoughts in my mind until falsehoods become real to me and then I KNOW everyone is looking at me knowing what I'm like inside.

Paranoia is something that has become so much worse too- I won't go into that but I am aware of this and can talk to myself so I am on the outside looking at a paranoid person.

I can't take hormonal contraceptives as I have a cystic medical condition that is aggravated by hormones.

I have tried cutting out sugar and alcohol, I exercise every day (even wondered if this was causing the problem) and I take EPO and women's vitamins.

I suffer from anxiety too so there is no way I could approach a doctor about ADs.

My husband I am sure hates me as I can become an evil witch where nothing is good enough, Because I have this opinion of myself and I know my own thoughts, I avoid going out unless I really have to (and I have to socialise a lot due to our lifestyle) and my confidence is at an all time low.

I daren't try and get a job outside the home in case I fly of the handle or do something entirely inappropriate. The job I have suits me and my personality well so I am happy with that- I just want to become a nicer person inside :-(

So does anyone know where I am coming from? And are there any natural remedies/books/coping strategies, or a sisterhood out there who also feels like this????

Bungle x

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