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Feeling fobbed off

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FlipFlopFlapFlup Wed 13-Jul-16 23:57:16

Forgive me if I'm being unreasonable here - I just feel very let down.

I've suffered with anxiety for a long time and never been able to openly talk about it. So I never went to the doctors, I just suffered. It all came to head when eventually it got so bad the stress was causing me to stop eating and lose a lot of weight. My family asked me to go to the doctors as I just had no appetite and I did, ended up in tears and it all came out.

My doctor said he doesn't like to medicate, which I fully appreciate he is qualified in his profession and must know what he's doing, but not much else seems to have been done. He gave me an app to download with relaxation techniques, they didn't work. I went for a follow up appointment and I told him it didn't work so he just gave me a number to ring for local workshops and support groups and that was that. No follow up. I just feel like he isn't taking me seriously, I don't know, maybe in comparison to other patients I'm not that serious and I'm being self righteous. I'm not normally one to argue with a doctors opinion as I'm sure they know more than me, and I'm sure support groups and workshops have a real place, I'm not doubting that. But I just can't do it, I have no confidence and I can't openly talk about it, I'm not ready yet.

Just feels like I'm back at square one and may as well not have bothered.

gamerchick Thu 14-Jul-16 00:01:08

See another doctor. You need meds to stabilise and then take it from there.

KeemaNaanAndCurryOn Thu 14-Jul-16 09:25:48

I'd get an appointment with a different doctor. Go along with a list of what you've done and ask what else you can try. Some of the older antidepressants like amitryptaline can help with anxiety. Your current GP sounds like he's not thinking further than benzodiazepines, which is why he's not keen to offer tablets.

RibenaMummy Fri 15-Jul-16 20:00:24

Please see another doctor. Anxiety is very real and can be totally debilitating. He should be referring you for counseling and a proper assessment to see how they can best help you. Medication can be really effective in anxiety to help break the cycle and give you some relief and a break to help you start to work through your issues. I needed it before I could even consider things like workshops and cognitive behavioural therapy. Please don't feel like you are less important than other patients. Keep trying until you find a doctor you feel comfortable with, it can make the world of difference. x

YouOKHun Sat 16-Jul-16 09:46:00

See another Dr who should inform you of different options. It would be worth looking at talking therapies. If your Dr isn't being helpful you can self refer to your local IAPT (NHS funded counselling and CBT). This process will start with a telephone assessment lasting about 30-45 mins which is just to understand a bit more detail about the particulate problem. The waiting lists can be long but they often offer psycho-educational workshops which offer cognitive behavioural therapy oriented advice and strategies for tackling anxiety and depression. Often these are offered while you're on the waiting list for one to one therapy. Alternatively you can look at for accredited therapists working privately or both private and NHS. CBT is particularly useful for dismantling anxious thinking. You could also look into 'Books on Prescription' at your local library - there is one book called Overcoming Anxiety which I know people have found helpful.

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