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Insomnia/anxiety is there a thread I can join

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Middleoftheroad Tue 12-Jul-16 20:26:12

Just returned to talk about my anxiety and lack of sleep for past 2.5 years. He was most unhelpful. I didnt want any meds but now thinking I need sthg for sleep as I cannot bear this constant state thats destroying my life. Is there an existing insomnia thread I can join here please? Also, in desperation going to try a swig of son's Chlorphenamine Maleate (basically piriton i think) tonight. Has anyone had any success with this?

Middleoftheroad Thu 14-Jul-16 19:48:29


LuckyBitches Mon 18-Jul-16 16:10:00

Hi OP,

Sorry to hear you're suffering. I've been there too. Have a search for sleep anxiety on this site and you'll see a few threads.

I'm being treated for sleep related anxiety (although it's a bit chicken/egg!) with Sertraline for anxiety and a low dose of Mirtazapine for sleep. It's working well, thank God!

Insomnia is an absolute misery, but it is treatable. I would look for another GP!

Middleoftheroad Mon 18-Jul-16 23:06:36

Thanks Lucky sorry to hear about yr problems too but your current success is uplifting! Booked to see another GP soon and asked for double sesh so wont be rushed. I do have a tendancy to play things down but will be honest. It is reassuring to know that a solution just may b possible thanks and I will search the gorums. Thanku for replying smile

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