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Child psychologist/ therapist in Richmond/Kingston area

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ImaiM Mon 11-Jul-16 14:33:01

Could someone please recommend a good child psychologist or a therapist for our 7 year old LO, nhs or private

She has just been though a lot of change in the last 7 months - mummy got married to step dad, new sister, moved house, changed school... Its all just been little too much (although she appears to be happy about majority of the changes). Step dad has been with us almost 5 years, so not much has changed there, but moving school, leaving friends behind and sharing attention with a newborn can't have been easy for her. We are trying to over compensate with attention, entertainment support, etc, but not sure that it is enough. She is struggling to make friends at school, doesn't sleep vey well, has lost a lot of weight, looks very sad and miserable. I have never seen her like this, its heart breaking and we are running out of ideas about how to help. We suspect that she is not sharing all that is on her mind... We really could do with some external help our lo through this.

lazymum99 Wed 13-Jul-16 14:04:17

If you are in richmond area you have the Priory on your doorstep for private therapy. check their website.

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