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Ocd going off

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frankie001 Wed 06-Jul-16 23:09:14

I'm an ocd sufferer and having panics about something that hasn't even happened yet. I'm very anxious around germs, and especially those on shoes that come into my house from the hospital where I work. I completely separate things from work to normal house things.

I have clean and dirty areas in my flat and I am comfortable that I know where these are and am able to live my life.

I am possibly going to need day surgery in the near future, meaning that I would need someone to be with me for 24 hrs post. Even if I could stay somewhere else that night, I will need to be brought home by somebody at some point, as I won't be able to drive and will need help getting upstairs.

The floor leading into my flat is "dirty" as I have worn work shoes on it, and parts of the flat have had work stuff on them.

Really need help to sort out my thinking. No one from my family or friends have been in flat for at least 2 years. Not sure how beat to tackle this.

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