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Anybody experienced this with anxiety?

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Nursed123 Tue 05-Jul-16 09:26:02

Hi ladies

I'm having a bit of an anxiety relapse. Suffered terribly about a year or so ago, been ok since but last few weeks have been stressful which I think has triggered it back off again. Particularly my health anxiety.

Just wondering if anyone has ever experienced these two things with anxiety...
1) feeling not quite with it, bit odd, like you're just going through the motions?
2) seeing patterns/objects for a few seconds on waking in the night?

Please no horror stories or scaremongering - last thing I need! Feel like I'm going insane as it is

Thanks for any reassurance flowers

Roastie1986 Sun 10-Jul-16 13:04:44

Hey many years ago when I suffered with anxiety/severe health anxiety I felt like I wasn't really living just in a complete dream the whole time. Om sure anxiety is different for everyone who suffers. I suffer from extreme anxiety now in bouts and I just go very quiet. And feel like inside I'm numb. Mine comes and goes in bouts. When something stressful happens. How r u feeling? X

Dutchcourage Sun 10-Jul-16 13:10:38

Hi op try and get in and see your GP. A couple of years ago when i was having trouble with mil I felt like this. I think I may have had depression too. I really didn't like the tablets I was given so did a lot of holistic approaches, which helped me focus. Have you got anything you do now they helps with your anxiety?

What are the patterns when you wake up? Could it be high blood pressure?

Dutchcourage Sun 10-Jul-16 13:12:11

Just want to add - I already had anxiety before my mil!

Roastie1986 Sun 10-Jul-16 13:25:06

I'm on medication and have had cbt. I'm ok most of the time. It's when something stressful happens. I can have a few days of being extremely anxious and mostly health anxiety. Day to day I'm ok. But when I'm suffering it's quite bad.

gingerboy1912 Sun 10-Jul-16 13:27:05

I'm the same as Roastie. Hope you're ok op. flowers

gottachangethename1 Sun 10-Jul-16 13:37:22

All that you describe seems very much part of anxiety/health anxiety. You should see your GP as they can offer meds and possibly CBT. I am in the same situation myself and not thinking further than tomorrow at the moment. It's horrible flowers

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