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Anxiety/obsessive thoughts/going mad!!!

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Susiesue61 Mon 04-Jul-16 19:46:04

I have been thinking about posting this for days so please bear with me!
I have always been an anxious person, although outwardly looking quite ok, but driving those close to me mad. However over the last couple of years it seems to be getting worse, and I stew on things until I have to tell someone (normally DH) and then he gets annoyed with me because I go round and round I circles and need loads of reassurance that it will be ok.

DD is our middle child and all 3 play sport. However she plays at a higher level than the boys and takes defeat/failure more seriously. Over the last 2 summers, I have become increasingly obsessed with her scores and success or failure. I now think about it and worry about it constantly, and can't seemtochange my thoughts away from it. Yesterday she did well but today was not good. She has coped well, she is understandably disappointed and worried that her season is not going well but totally in proportion. Me on the other hand - I felt sick and anxious all afternoon, then upset that she hadn't done well, and now I'm feeling sorry for her.

This is now getting ridiculous! I don't think it's really about DD but she is my current focus of worry. I have been like this about DS1 before but not as bad.

Sorry just needed to get that off my chest. Any ideas/suggestions would be gratefully received. I have tried counselling but struggle to ring people so making the first appointment is often impossible. I have tried antidepressants but they make me feel sick when I start them. But am open to any ideas

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