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Joint parental/baby mental stimulation

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claraandthebeard Mon 04-Jul-16 09:47:39

Hi all.

First Mumsnet post (me: Dad, 8.5mth old daughter). My wife and I take our daughter, occasionally together, but mostly separately (because: my work) to plenty of baby groups / mum's groups / children's clubs / swimming / signing etc. Daughter is doing great, plenty stimulated, flourishing.

Question is: does anyone know of any groups or activities that manage to successfully combine slightly more parental mental stimulation whilst not compromising child stimulation.

I'm not sure exactly what format i'n thinking of, but something with slightly more intellectual rigour that isn't at the same time boring for babies. We're trying to minimise screen time at present (a laudable aim that we're under no illusion will be almost impossible to sustain..) but to say we don't want to just sit in front of a TED lecture on a laptop - but something of that ilk, in person, that has a baby-friendly component to it.

I suppose I want the Hay Festival, every week, locally (Nottingham). Not feasible, but I'd be massively keen to hear any thoughts, experiences etc on the topic of mutual baby/parent mental stimulation and what you may have done to try and find a balance between singing Dingle Dangle Scarecrow and a touch of intellectual rigour.

Thanks (didn't really know what section to post in, but this seemed a reasonably good fit!)

claraandthebeard Mon 04-Jul-16 09:49:33

Also, hello Mumsnet, excited to be here, thanks in advance for any advice!

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