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Started taking Sertraline and really need some opinions.....

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user1467567063 Sun 03-Jul-16 18:39:15

I suffer from depression and anxiety (anxiety mostly) and 2 weeks ago I started taking Sertraline (50mg). The tablets seem to be helping with my personal anxiety, they are making me feel a bit spaced out and sick but I am having weird thoughts about my relationship and my mind won't allow me to decide if this is because of the medication or my worries are true feelings...

My partner has many female friends, lots of them being ex girlfriends who he meets up with for coffee sometimes and stays in touch via Facebook, now usually this wouldn't be an issue but I am not used to it at all. My last relationship was for 8 years and I was never a jealous person, at all, most of my ex's female friends were mutual friends and it didn't bother me in the slightest.

Now, in my new relationship, if a woman texts my partner I worry, really worry. There is one girl he met many many years ago on a dating site, they met once only but have kept in touch ever since and they speak several times a week, but he keeps this a secret from me which makes me very uneasy and worry even more. I think he keeps it secret as he knows it makes me feel uneasy (we have discussed it in the past but he said they are just friends).

Anytime I am at home when I am meant to be at work - holidays or ill (daytime) she seems to be in contact (as well as another female friend) but never in the evening or weekends. I know this because she has called while we are in the car and his phone is linked to his laptop and a notification comes up when he receives a text. If he does answer the phone the first thing he says is 'I'm just with Jess.....'

I can't help but feel uneasy about this and other situations replay in my head, my gut tells me it is strange and I can't shift the feeling.There are more things that have happened but too many small things to explain.

He is the most loving boyfriend and I know he loves me very very much so why can't I just relax and get rid of this horrible feeling!

I can't tell if I am really feeling like this or is it my medication making me think these things?

I would really appreciate someone else's opinion, and please tell me if I am being silly.

semierectfreddo Sun 03-Jul-16 18:45:25

It isn't the medication, the medication is designed to help with these feelings. Sertraline takes at least four weeks to kick in.

From my point of view, you're experiencing anxiety and your boyfriend is acting in a way that is making you uneasy. Keeping a "friend" from a dating site is poor form in a monogamous relationship, and the "I'm just with Jess" habit would ring alarm bells for me.

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