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Anybody not sleeping? Having a very hard time...

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AnxietySertraline Wed 29-Jun-16 01:40:57

19 days on 50 mg Sertraline... Have not sleept well last 2 nights... Have a lot of anxiety... Afraid to take sleeping pill... Have just taken benzo waiting for it to work - I hope sad

TendonQueen Wed 29-Jun-16 02:02:09

Hope it works for you. Is this a known side effect? Maybe put music or radio on low if you're still struggling in a bit?

AnxietySertraline Wed 29-Jun-16 02:08:46

Thank you for your response - it means a lot flowers

AnxietySertraline Wed 29-Jun-16 02:10:00

It is a known sideeffect but I dont know if it is SE or my anxiety doing it...

AnxietySertraline Wed 29-Jun-16 02:10:58

My boyfriend is sleeping next to me so can't put Music on... But hoping the pill helps in a little bit

AnxietySertraline Wed 29-Jun-16 02:11:58

Reading on my phone about hospitalization... Really feel bad

Swirlysunshine Wed 29-Jun-16 03:29:00

Sorry you aren't feeling good. I hope you get some sleep 😀

Swirlysunshine Wed 29-Jun-16 03:30:29

I'm actually on the other side of the world. So daytime here. Feeling anxious myself so have come home from work.

AnxietySertraline Wed 29-Jun-16 03:44:07

Have not sleept...

AnxietySertraline Wed 29-Jun-16 03:44:21

Thank you for responding

AnxietySertraline Wed 29-Jun-16 03:44:33

Hope you feel better soon

DonnaMurray1 Wed 29-Jun-16 03:54:03

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

amarmai Wed 29-Jun-16 03:55:11

Also not sleeping so got up and had warm milk with honey and cookies. Will go back to bed when I cannot keep my eyes open.

MSIOF Wed 29-Jun-16 04:00:34

I had this on sertraline - I was taking it at night to avoid the worst of the initial side effects, which worked, but as it was stopping me sleeping I switched to the morning. By that time the nausea etc. had died down and taking it in the morning really helped with the insomnia.

AnxietySertraline Wed 29-Jun-16 04:02:59

I am already taking it in the morning...

Swirlysunshine Wed 29-Jun-16 04:05:22

How about getting up and watching tv? Might be better than waiting for sleep....

AnxietySertraline Wed 29-Jun-16 04:09:43

I have given up on sleep... Just waiting for a time I can wake my boyfriend up... Without him being too tired... Thinking of calling psychiatric ER where I live

Swirlysunshine Wed 29-Jun-16 04:10:12

Had more energy the next day doing that than lying awake with the mind racing

AnxietySertraline Wed 29-Jun-16 04:10:50

Hate overthinking

Swirlysunshine Wed 29-Jun-16 04:15:07

Did that stupid post make you smile though?? The fake one?? Hey I'm so happy my husband left me etc!!!

AnxietySertraline Wed 29-Jun-16 04:20:12

LOL a bit yes...

MSIOF Wed 29-Jun-16 05:30:35

Ah fair enough. I thought I'd mention it just in case.

Jenda Wed 29-Jun-16 05:41:15

Hello. I was really anxious for the first three weeks on Sertraline. Thought I was going to go mad but it settled down soon after that. I take it at night.
If you are feeling truly awful and having thoughts about harming yourself please wake your boyfriend up or call for emergency help. Thinking of you, you will get there flowers

AnxietySertraline Wed 29-Jun-16 06:26:15

Thank you very much. I did wake him and have called an emergency hotline....

AnxietySertraline Wed 29-Jun-16 06:30:03

Now waiting to Call my gp... Think O need to be hospitalized...

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