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CBT for postnatal insomnia

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Chloris33 Mon 27-Jun-16 13:40:30

Wondering if anyone has tried CBT for postnatal insomnia (or any insomnia, but particularly interested in postnatal insomnia as it has that added feature of you having had your sleep disrupted by baby a lot too)? Did it help? My son is now 17 mo and I've been suffering with insomnia since having him. Worse at some times than others. At the moment I have it around 1 night a week, but I'm now pregnant & also have 1st trimester tiredness & can't take the occasional OTC Nytol. I feel I do a rubbish job as a Mum the days I haven't slept. I know CBT is expensive but am prepared to use savings if it will help. I don't feel I've had PND, I've generally enjoyed life with a little one, though I do really struggle to 'switch off' and this has got much worse with motherhood. Thanks x

Jemimapuddleduk Tue 28-Jun-16 12:29:10

I had cbt for postnatal insomnia but I also had severe anxiety alongside it and a
diagnosis of pnd. It did help me but low dose sedating antidepressants alongside also helped. The cbt taught me coping mechanisms to deal with the anxiety. I also use magnesium oil spray and the 'this works' sleep range. Have you tried guided meditation techniques/body scanning (you can google this). Also very helpful.

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