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Anxiety disorder - fear of embarrassing myself

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Why1066 Wed 22-Jun-16 17:17:49

I have suffered severely with this since leaving work due to it around a year ago.

I won't go into the 'how' because it's just too embarrassing and I'd worry I'd be outed in some way. Let's say it's a fear of fainting.

I can't do the school run without it constantly on my mind - or in fact anything that requires me to 'be somewhere' without a quick means of escape and where people I know could be present.

It's exhausting and really impacts on my life.

I had CBT for it and it just hasn't worked at all.

I'm slowly beginning to realise that i'm stuck with it and it will determine my life forever.

Very very luckily I can work from home. I did have talent though and I feel like my career was totally ruined by this.

Any words of wisdom appreciated.

AnxietySertraline Wed 22-Jun-16 18:20:14

Have you tried ADs for anxiety? flowers

Why1066 Wed 22-Jun-16 22:55:36

Yes and my reaction was so bad that DH had to call the crisis team!

NervousRider Tue 28-Jun-16 07:05:41

I have the same anxiety issue which is unfortunately re-inforced as I do have a cardiac issue that causes me to faint.

The worst thing for me is to start avoiding the places that I feel I will faint in as eventually it will mean I don't leave the house.

So I do what you have said - I have a plan of action in place eg I sit on the end of a row in the cinema, I carry water with me to sip from when my mouth goes dry from anxiety etc

The one thing I have learnt is that I can't give into it as otherwise I will eventually never leave the house.

I am having a bad day today (hence looking in the mental health threads) as I had last week off work sick and am anxious about going back - BUT if I don't go in that fear will just manifest into something bigger.

NervousRider Tue 28-Jun-16 07:07:15

I did at one point struggle with the school run too

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