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Anxiety and depression moderate

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022mummy Tue 21-Jun-16 17:31:18

I am single mum to 3 kids under age of 4.
A 3 year old, 23month old and a 6month old baby.
Ive got 12 for anxiety and 11 for depression according to dr.
I actually think ive got bi-polor i have been having up and down mood swings quite alot since i was 18 but this year just has got worse Mainly down in last month.
I actually want to kill myself to give my kids better chance at life with my mum. Dont know how to stop thinking like this just dont know how to get out this rut. Every time i go outside i cant stand it i have to try hide my face and put my hoodie up i dont dare look around me or at other people expect my own kids.
Ive got no one to talk to what so ever no family (im the odd one out) and absolute no friends. (Never had luck at making any friends)

I feel sorry for my kids having to live in a small 2 bedroom house. With no back garden . Cant drive so cant go anywere cant afford anything never been on holiday or anywere new. Every birthday they have never a birthday party or that i have no friends with kids or that.
My own neices and nephews get a good life yet my kids own life sucks makes me feel absoulte depressed and really
stessed out.

Need help some advice or that from othe mums in situation x

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