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Undiagnosed postnatal depression

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Mammyof3jane Tue 21-Jun-16 00:46:08

I'm a first timer on here but feel I need to hear other people's experiences my son 3rd child was born early 2014 and after 2 previous easy births his was very painful I originally felt fine although my best friend said she thought I wasn't myself I now realise after 2 and a bit years I really wasn't fine and feel I'm only coming to terms with my feelings now. I've never moaned or complained about basically anything before and I feel ungrateful even writing this now as I feel blessed to have 3 healthy children but wanted to hear other people's experiences on undiagnosed pnd as I realise now this is what I have had x

amarmai Tue 21-Jun-16 03:49:50

I remember going thru the motions of sterilizing bottles etc and making sure my 2nd son was fed, but I felt nothing. I was like a zombie and when I came out of it years later I was not the same person.This was decades ago but I think now it was undiagnosed PND. I never heard that term then . HOpefully your GP can refer you for help. I I live with guilt as I know I was not present for my son' early years.Hopefully there is more awareness and help now.

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