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Damegemma82 Thu 16-Jun-16 01:33:48

I have had this since being a little girl although it was never officially diagnosed as I kept very quiet about it. I have had IBS since my early twenties so that helped me deal with the emetophobia as I had to cope with feeling sick a lot. I was pretty sure I was all but cured until DD1 had her first sickness bug a couple of years ago and it set it off again. I'm not particularly scared of being sick myself anymore but now have a fear of the sickness bug, the spread of it and my children getting ill. So the worst has happened tonight (I know there are worse things but phobias aren't rational) and DD1 has been sick. DD2 is only 6 weeks old so I'm very worried she's going to get what DD1 has got and get very poorly as she's so young. I am breastfeeding but I don't hold out much hope for that stopping DD2 getting it. DH is great, he's in there with her and he's told me not to worry and it will be something she's eaten but I am going to be up the whole night with worry now and will be on tenterhooks the next week or so waiting for someone else in the family to show symptoms of catching it. Does anyone else have issues like this and please tell me a way of coping better. I had CBT recently for anxiety around my kids health (basically for exactly what's happening tonight) but it hasn't really helped. I have to say DH is my saviour as he deals with it all so well.

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