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relationship focused MH support?

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igglethebloodypiggle Tue 14-Jun-16 18:45:11

Is there any support out there for marriages or relationships where both partners have a MH diagnosis?

I'm in this boat and thinking about setting something up but unsure if it already exists

What sort of support would be helpful?

FaithLoveandHope Sat 18-Jun-16 02:18:20

How about just a support group where people can just chat to each other? Or do activities together and take their minds off their mental health issues. I once went to a support group that did that kind of thing, some weeks we chatted, others we did jigsaws, made crafts, went to the beach together. It wasn't for couples but Im sure something similar could work and I think it's something DP and I would definitely find it helpful.

It does suck there's not much support out there. Our couples counsellor said she was shocked we both have mental health issues as it's so uncommon, normally there's only one person in the couple who do and then a lot gets placed onto just one person but when both of you have it it can sometimes help in the sense you both understand each other, support each other and it's not just one person doing the looking after.

What about an online group where you can just come and chat to others in a similar situation?

MB69 Sun 19-Jun-16 17:54:58

Your local Relate Centre may be able to help

igglethebloodypiggle Sun 19-Jun-16 21:18:03

I found relate a load of crap and particularly clueless with regards to mental health - maybe it's just bad in our area but it honestly was worse than an unhelpful experience. We never went back after the 2nd session thankfully

It's strange they said it was unusual as I know quite a lot of people in similar boat - usually where somebody has developed depression after coping with the other partners illness and less common like us where we both have always had a diagnosis to deal with each

FaithLoveandHope Sun 19-Jun-16 21:23:12

Iggle maybe it was because we both had the diagnosis before we got together that she thought it was unusual? I don't know... I agree about Relate, they're not the best.

igglethebloodypiggle Sun 19-Jun-16 21:28:04

Yes maybe, I'd have thought lots of people meet through their experiences though. I met my husband outside of anything MH connected but would have met him through that if I hadn't as we ended up in hospital together once (before we were an item)!

FaithLoveandHope Mon 20-Jun-16 12:45:15

DP and I met because of our issues. I don't want to say too much but we met through a self help group but actually got chatting because of our jobs. I think it definitely helps having somebody who understands my issues.

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