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Aniexity depression worried about starting anti depressants :/

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mummynatty Sat 11-Jun-16 12:29:20

I struggle with anexity and they also say OCD and depression all come together I have two kids and I have tried counciling through nhs and didn't get on with it also had some counciling through my local children centre and had three session then she left but luckily found another councilor smile and meet up with her every week it helps talking and ranting to someone that doesn't know you was doing quite well until last weekend just everything getting on top of me so decided to go see doctor yesterday and they put me on anti depressants the sertraline meant to help with anxiety as well just worried about all side affects now :/ but I can't carry on feeling the way I do :/
Since my aniexity popped up again I have split up with my partner of three half years he got me through a lot of hard times and helped me out of a horrid relationship before and help me through everything to do with that , I feel bit lost don't know how to be myself anymore cause I've always had him to help me through hard places in the last few years and we've always got through together feel like I'm on my own through this don't get me wrong I have few friends that try there hardest to understand what I'm going through how I feel just not the same :/
Just want to here how people get through it or found anything that has helped

FindoGask Sat 11-Jun-16 15:21:11

Snap - I was at the doctor yesterday and have just started on sertraline for anxiety. I'm on day 2 and it's going OK so far, I have had some side effects (feel a bit wired, clenchy jaw, slight nausea) but nothing too alarming.

Sorry to hear about your break-up; that sounds really tough. I know what you mean about things suddenly getting overwhelming. I'm glad you've got a good counsellor - do you have more sessions lined up with her/him?

For the sertraline or any other SSRI, the main thing my GP told me - and I hope yours told you - was that symptoms of anxiety may get worse before they improve - which seems cruel! But they don't always, and if it does happen to you then you just need to try to get through the first week or two before you level out and then start to improve.

Good luck. I'm sure there are lots of people here who can understand what you're going through. You're not alone.

FindoGask Sat 11-Jun-16 15:23:16

I should clarify - I was told 4-6 weeks would be the time it would take to start to feel properly better if the drug is working right, but the 1-2 weeks I said above is the time for any side-effects to start resolving.

mummynatty Sun 12-Jun-16 10:09:20

Aw that's nice to know someone's on same tablets as me not started yet as worried as I some times get sharp pains in my heart and can't breathe deeply don't want to make that worse
I'm worried about side effects bit but if they make me feel better as long as side effects not too bad :/
I don't have another counciling session for two weeks and normally once a week but luckily got support of my children centre smile
No I never got told that I ask if they can make you feel worse and she said you might feel bit cloudy first week or so but should work when you start taking them she said give them 4-6 weeks to work fully smile and got to be on there for 6-9 months :/
Hey can we keep in touch and see how each of us are going please? Be nice to talk to some that is going through same as me smile

Sorry if you don't mind me asking how bad is your aniexity or was it before it started? And did you do any counciling or anything else to help?

FindoGask Sun 12-Jun-16 12:03:36

I don't mind you asking at all. I've struggled with anxiety pretty much all my life - at its best it's a sort of background hum, at worst it totally takes over and I feel overwhelmed by everything and constantly in fear. I get stuck in these negative thought loops, can't stop overthinking things. This recent bout has been triggered by the stress of a new job which I really need to keep - so I'm basically taking the sertraline to see if it helps me function day to day. I just want a bit of breathing space - a bit of time out from myself - and I hope it gives me that.

I think it's probably moderate anxiety - I don't have panic attacks, for example, my symptoms are mainly psychological although I do get palpitations.

Re your worries about side effects - I haven't had any chest pain at all on sertraline so far (day 3 now). I haven't seen it listed as a potential side effect. When I had a previous bad patch a few years ago I was prescribed fluoxetine and the first few days with that were so horrible I stopped. I was very against trying antidepressants again, but this has been very different - touch wood - so far.

Of course we can stay in touch. I hope it helps to know someone else is in a similar situation!

mummynatty Sun 12-Jun-16 20:02:42

Yeah with me just got a bit too much for me last week was crying cause couldn't do anything :/ struggling to get if bed past two mornings :/
I've always been someone that worries didn't have good relationship with my sons father got blamed for everything never got any help with anything :/ and got forced to move out when I didn't want too :/ then found my daughters dad and he made my life amazing and seemed fine until I had our daughter and son started school :/ then ovo relationship broke down wasn't bad break up just hurt and still hurts but just got to get on you know what I mean lol
And think I'm just putting too much stress on my self to look after kids and everything and I've always been over thinker and worrier :/

No was worried cause I get sharp pains in chest but spoke to doctor today as still worried about starting today but doctor said prob not my heart smile so made me feel better and managed to start taking tablets today smile so pleased start

Thanks will help loads being able to have someone tats know to chat too smile

mummynatty Mon 13-Jun-16 14:25:34

Hey how's today on tablets ?

FindoGask Mon 13-Jun-16 19:03:09

hello! Just came on to see how you were doing too.

I think what you're going through sounds really tough - absolutely anyone would struggle, especially with the added pressure of trying to keep things going for the children. I know what you mean about putting too much stress on yourself - people tell me I do that too. I just don't know how not to! Overthinking is another habit it's very hard to get out of - that's what I'm hoping the meds will help me with, and you too.

Today was my first day at work with on the pills. Day 4. Found it quite hard to focus if I'm honest. Easily distracted, felt wired all day, slight headache and jaw ache. Hungry but not hungry. Haven't been sleeping very well either.

Nothing terrible but not that pleasant - however from what I've read, not unusual for the first week on antidepressants.

What have you decided about your meds?

Lilacpink40 Mon 13-Jun-16 19:11:10

I've had a positive experience with Sertraline. It only made me feel very sick straight after taking it for about 4 days then had some weird feelings like I'd fly light and airy in second week, then all ok.

I felt less stressed after 4 weeks and after mths more I'm now coming off them. Halved every other day, then just half tablets, now dropped to half every other day.

It took months but I'm not getting withdrawal symptoms and feel I don't need them now.

FindoGask Mon 13-Jun-16 19:29:44

Hi Lilac - do you mind saying what the maximum dose you were on was? And were you taking it for anxiety or depression or both?

So good to hear it worked for you.

Lilacpink40 Mon 13-Jun-16 19:37:12

Only 50mg and it was for anxiety after STBXH walked out on me. I felt flooded with adrenaline. It took the 'edge' off my stress levels while I started counselling.

The counselling helped me more as I always carried guilt with me and this meant I was prone to anxiety - took blame for everything and everyone. With counselling I don't now! grin

FindoGask Mon 13-Jun-16 19:49:41

Thank you. Good to hear you had relief after a comparatively low dose - that's what I'm hoping for too.

Lilacpink40 Mon 13-Jun-16 19:55:46

As well as counselling I recommend something called 'mindfulness'. There are videos on YouTube. It doesn't suit everyone, but I had felt anxiety about feeling anxious, so needed to clear head and refocus. I feel more satisfied by small pleasures now and try not to focus on stressors.

Good luck flowers

Lilacpink40 Mon 13-Jun-16 19:58:36

PS You may need to go to several counsellors to find right one for you. I had one before that didn't listen very well!

mummynatty Mon 13-Jun-16 20:22:35

Hey I'm okay haven't noticed any side effects might be helping me slightly give it the weeks doctor said worried I might have to have higher dose which I don't want to :/

Yeah I just don't like saying as a lot of people thing I'm blaming stuff on breaking up or my aniexity :/ yeah keep going and started counciling for the kids and ovo myself I miss how happy I was just want to get back to that smile I've noticed my kids are picking up on some things I do too :/ pop I don't want them to :/

I even said to my son I need to stop double doing things as I can't be prefect I think I'm trying to be prefect and I feel like that what I have to do and if I don't do it right or don't check anything right something go wrong or someone will get hurt :/ just thoughts are so strong sometimes as I know deep down it can't change anything :/ to know what I mean when feeling just feel so really :/

Yeah I overthink all the time I'm always thinking about the furture , tomorrow, later, struggle to focus on the now :/ think done bit better today managed to think about what was happening in that moment and not so much my worried made myself stop and asked what was more important smile
Hoping meds will help me focus on the now and what I need to focus on more than worring and help me too stop worring about little things that don't need to be worried about and basically get back to my happy self like I was before my aniexity smile I know it's a long road but I'm fighting it even if sometimes I give in smile will always be some bad aniexity days, but we can help each other through smile

Aw well done you going to work I don't work that prob don't help my aniexity :/ but not ready to work want to feel bit better with aniexity smile oh dear not good that you feel bit unwell :/ hope your feeling better now ?

Day 2 now tastes funny this morning the tablet (I have to crush them as can't swallow them lol) had it in natural yogurt. Not felt much different really felt slight light headed yesterday and bit now and slight headache but could have been cause stressed yesterday tidying house and looking after kids smile and just waiting for tea now smile
I don't get to bed easy anyways as my aniexity is bad when go to bed have to check everything loads of times then I'll stress about everything when get in bed lol then had my daughter up and down to my bed and her bed and then she ended up sleeping in my bed lol xxxx

mummynatty Mon 13-Jun-16 20:27:12

Lilacpink40 can I ask how high was your aniexity and did you do counciling first ?

As I wanted to try counciling before having tablets works well but really struggled this week :/ but it's nice ranting and talking through your worries with someone that understands and can help you think about it smile

Do you feel back to your self pretty much before aniexity ? smile

Lilacpink40 Mon 13-Jun-16 22:24:30

I think it helps to imagine that antidepressants are like a cast around a leg with a broken bone and counselling helps the bone to heal. Starting antidepressants softens the negative feelings and responses so it's easier to be focused and get to the issues in counselling. It helps to think about key issues in the week to pull apart in counselling to see what could be different next time.

In many ways I actually feel better than before as I'm not dragging my useless and moody ex along with me anymore. Being alone and making independent decisions is ok. I've even started to think about dating in the future but not quite brave enough yet

Be gentle on yourself as most people at some point in their life feel highly stressed so you're just being human. I felt like I was on a derailed train spinning on ice and I'd never stop. A few times I loudly cried and howled in front of DCs. Often I screamed with stress. They wondered where capable Mum had gone, but all ok now and we're closer than ever as they can be honest about their negative feelings too.

It will get better smile

mummynatty Mon 13-Jun-16 22:52:44

Yeah sounds like a good summary smile

Yeah sounds like your doing really good smile im feeling very lonely atm without my ex we still talk and see each other because of kids and I miss him like mad but trying not too focus too much on that as I wanted to get myself sorted before I decide what I want ie relationship smile we get on well but his stress from work etc and my aniexity just feels like we're always in mood with each other :/ well get there just glad got people to talk to that understand how I feel smile

I know what you mean I get annoyed so quickly and just get upset and scream and cry all the time especially if my aniexity is high :/ feel so bad that's why I do counciling and now started tablets as I want to get better ovo and be happy and enjoy everything and not worry about all the things that I don't need to worry about or over think :/ smile


Lilacpink40 Mon 13-Jun-16 23:04:07

It's ok, give it 6 months and you could feel very differently.

You're going to have to look back at your life to try to see what you're anxiety triggers are. Mine relate to me always feeling guilty, like I am responsible for others actions. Now I don't carry that burden I'm less anxious. It was harder when ex left as I even thought that him doing that was my fault he was a liar and a cheat

You're over thinking (like second-guessing), so maybe find potential changes really unsettle you?

Lilacpink40 Mon 13-Jun-16 23:04:46

Your triggers not you're! Tired off to bed!

FretYeNot Mon 13-Jun-16 23:26:25

Sertraline has given me my life back. After years of anxiety and depression and various other anti-depressants, the doctor prescribed these. I spent about three weeks wafting around in a little bubble of zen (ie stoned) but that passed. I'm calmer, happier and a lot less stressed. The only side-effect I get is vivid dreams. I've been on them two years now and given my very long history of MH problems going back almost 30 years, I'm staying on them.

HPFA Tue 14-Jun-16 08:05:04

Hello, I've never taken ADs but have just started a blood pressure medication which comes with a list of side-effect as long as your arm! So I know the fear that goes with a new medication.
I just try and remind myself that people do get ill who aren't on medication. It becomes very easy to blame every symptom you get on the new drug. And if you're anxious about taking it that will add a couple of symptoms. Also, remember that ADs are, like blood pressure pills very widely used. So any side effects that might affect only a small percentage of users is actually going to affect quite a few people - making you think that the chance of you getting them is much higher.

I do have anxiety as well, but so far have managed to avoid the drugs, mainly because I don't want to add another reason to feel anxious to my already long list.
Best of luck to you in your recovery

roarfeckingroar Tue 14-Jun-16 08:32:57

I can honestly say Sertroline saved my life. I talk 150mg daily and am like a new person, or accurately who I was pre crippling anxiety, depression and multiple hospital trips.

Best of luck OP. I really hope it works for you. It'll take a couple of weeks to start working.

mummynatty Tue 14-Jun-16 09:30:54

Thanks hfpa smile I was doing okay without tablets hat felt lot worse last week and was annoying everyone phoning them with my worries :/ and was always in tears feeling slightly better I think day 3 smile
Hope your aniexity gets sorted through counciling it helps a lot smile

mummynatty Tue 14-Jun-16 09:34:13

Roarfeckingroar glad it's working for you hope long it makes me fell better and back to self before aniexity I know I'll always worry always have just want to not worry about everything if you get me lol stuff that doesn't need worring about things o can't change smile
I'm on 50mg hoping that does will work for me smile
I know ales a bit to have full effects of the tablets been told 4-6 weeks so or to give it time smile xxxxxxx

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