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Helping someone with Health Anxiety

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lostundersea Sun 05-Jun-16 22:32:01

Any suggestions on what I can do? My DH suffers on and off with this. It can be crippling for all of us when he suffers. He was previously on Citalopram but stopped taking it a year ago when he was feeling better. He started a course of CBT and I thought it was helping but he gave it up after 4 sessions. He is off to doctors tomorrow to get a new prescription and he is booked in with the therapist again but they are not available until July.

I suggested exercise but he is not keen but will keep trying. He is very down and said tonight he would be better off dead. I just don't know what to do when I try to reason with him that his worries can't possibly by true he just comes back with more things ....

Any suggestions greatly appreciated also I said maybe he needs medication for anxiety rather than depression or would Citalopram work for both.

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