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Husband support

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user1465148905 Sun 05-Jun-16 19:18:54

I'm looking for some opinions on the way my husband talks to me. Here's a snapshot of the situation:

I suffered from PND for many months, just weaning off Sertraline (difficult process). Throughout everything my husband has been great, really wonderful Dad, he's never really understood my issues but we've found imperfect ways through.

Our relationship has really suffered. We've both been pushed to limits and neither of us were prepared for this. I firstly recognise how difficult it must be to deal and live with the issues I've had, my emotions have been extreme and I'm said and done some very out of character and not nice things. We've both been exceptionally careful about any situations occurring around our little boy, who we are both besotted with.

We're definitely over the worst, although there is always an underlying frustration between us. We have both agreed to try hard to fix this. The issue I am having is the name calling and general disprepectful tone my husband takes with me in conversations which escalate incredibly fast.

This past week he's called me cretin, ingrate (a common one), belligerent, and also lays on the guilt big time to hurt whenever the opportunity arises.

I'm no saint, I nag loads and feel like I need to chase him up constantly. I can be neurotic and bossy, my withdrawal from ADs makes this lots worse. But I'm not nasty, I don't name call, and he doesn't seem to understand how much this is hurting me and effecting my progress.

I don't know what to do. Giving advice I suppose is impossible when you don't know the full context or either of us personally, but if anyone did have words of wisdom they're much needed...


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