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It's been a crap week :-(

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slgsue1979 Thu 02-Jun-16 23:22:34

Why when you start to feel a little lighter and have had a few laughs does the shit storm hit you again.
I am so scared I am going to slip back to those feelings of shitty uselessness panic and crap that I had only a couple of weeks ago. 1 good week just 1 good week and I feel low again.
Sorry for rambling just need to get these things off my chest as my GP tells me

Emotionallychallenged Fri 03-Jun-16 12:06:29

Hope you're feeling a bit brighter. Life's a bit like that sometimes isn't it? You're on top of things and then someone or something can just take all the good stuff away.
What's happening today?

slgsue1979 Fri 03-Jun-16 13:37:59

I am at work and it's dragging with a bad head just want the day to be done and back home only 4 hours to go lol

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