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Worried about friend

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maisiejones Tue 31-May-16 14:01:11

She is a widow in her late sixties. Has an eighteen year old grandson who is quite disturbed. His parents are divorced - father totally disinterested and mother completely selfish and neurotic. Almost a year ago there was a huge row between grandson and his mother (one of many) which resulted in grandson being 'dumped' on my friend, his grandmother. She is now at the end of her tether. Grandson is very controlling, doesn't like her going out and on the rare occasions she does he texts her incessantly. She has curtailed much of her life because of this. He is under the care of the mental health team but frequently refuses to attend appointments or meetings. I feel that both his parents see his living with grandmother as 'job done' as far as they are concerned and neither intend to take him back to live with them. I know my friend is the only one who can change this but she just won't. Her daughter (boys mum) is aggressive and abusive towards her and I think my friend is frightened of her. She looks so ill and in tears for much of the time. I am able to speak quite openly to her and she agrees with all I say but won't initiate any action to improve her situation. I know it's not easy, she loves her grandson and fears for his future but she's on the point of collapse and apart from support her, there's nothing else I can do. Any wise words would be appreciated.

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