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First anxiety attack?

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Ajd786 Sat 28-May-16 08:28:01

Last night I experienced something I had never before and even this morning woke up with the same dread and heavy chest I slept with.
I keep having extremely distressing intruding thoughts, in particular involving my toddler coming to harm, not being harmed by me in any way should I add. ISIS feature in the thoughts a lot. However I have been having one horrible "day dream" which has given me crippling anxiety about going over railway crossings by now I completely avoid having to drive over them. However last night my mind became clouded so that this was all I could see and I couldn't stop shaking and itching myself even now writing this post is bringing back the heavy chest pains and itching that I felt last night

StirredNotShaken Wed 01-Jun-16 10:56:25

bumping this for you :-)

Tans1987 Thu 02-Jun-16 20:47:21

That is an anxiety attack but as a panic attack and anxiety sufferer you have to try not to dwell and overthink that experience because then it just starts taking over. I had my first one 18 months ago and I remember those feelings. You aren't alone xx

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