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Sertraline dose doubled

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Hueandcry Thu 26-May-16 15:30:25

I'm sure this will have been asked before but in my current brain fog I haven't the energy to search for it. Was on 50mg Sertraline until a month ago but still teary & not coping so gp doubled my dose to 100mg. Feel dreadful, constantly fatigued but unable to sleep, no improvement in mood & also constantly famished therefore eating all the wrong foods which makes me feel worse. Also having daily headaches. Anyone have any advice? I'm thinking I should ask to drop back to my original dose & see if I feel better??

Grammar Thu 26-May-16 15:35:15

The daily dose can go up to 200mg daily (though usually this is under referral to a psychiatrist) But 100mg daily is really not uncommon. I wouldn't worry about the dose, but it would be helpful to go back to your GP (Did they not ask to follow you up?) and explain how you are suffering. After a month of an increased dose, I would expect any side effects to be abating by now, so do back. So sorry you are feeling wretched.

Hueandcry Thu 26-May-16 15:45:34

Yes they asked me to come back after a month but now I can't get an appointment & I'll run out at the weekend. Will try telephone advice line in the morning. I didn't have this brain fog on the lower dose or the fatigue

Cocoabutton Thu 26-May-16 21:56:15

I had brain fog and fatigue on fluoxetine, it was awful. But I was also anaemic which got missed for a good while as exhaustion was put down to MH issues.

I got iron and B12, but also came off fluoxetine completely, then started Sertraline which does not cause this for me. Maybe you need another AD, and a blood test if you have not had one for a while to rule out other causes.

isobel79 Thu 26-May-16 22:56:42

Hueandcry your post is exactly what I'm going through I'm on sertraline 100mg having requested my doctor to up my dose from 50mg. I have found no difference and since having LO I have been feeling so low hence why back to double dose. I too have a consultation by phone tomorrow morning as doctor won't prescribe without a review. I too will run out by the end of the weekend and I to feel like the double dose hasn't touched the sides. I had blood test two weeks ago and have to have it repeated as it came back borderline!!!

I am grabbing all the wrong foods when I go shopping I'm tired, lightheaded, exhausted wondering when I will start feeling a bit more "alive"

I sympathise with u competely and hope you get your reassurance

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