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Having a bad week

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MummySparkle Wed 25-May-16 20:49:05

I've messed up my medication this week and it's really knocked me for six. I missed a dose of venlafaxine on Monday as I'd run out. I couldn't get hold of more until Tuesday afternoon, and then took today's late because I left it in the car, then managed to leave my handbag on my driveway with the meds in whilst I went out. Didn't take today's until mid-morning. I've also missed two days worth of my thyroid medication because I thought I had more, but didn't.

All of this has made me feel like a complete wreck. My head is all over the place, I'm scatty and forgetful (bag a prime example). And the negative thoughts are back with a vengeance. I feel really low and empty and utterly exhausted. I feel as if I could crawl into bed now and stay there until the weekend. But I have 2 toddler DCs, work and a DP with broken ribs, so hiding is not an option. I thought alcohol might numb the emptiness, it's just made it worse. All I want to do is get out of the house and harm

NanaNina Wed 25-May-16 23:25:17

Hello sparkle not seen you on the threads for a long time. Sounds like you've taken a dip but because of the mess up with the meds? Things should be ok once you get them sorted? Or do you think you're heading for another bad bout? I know you usually think of SH but please try not to do it, as that's only going to make things worse. Can you get some early nights so at least you're not so exhausted. Do you find Venlafaxine helps - it was a devil of a drug for me and had to come off it - horses for courses isn't it. How has DP broken his ribs - a fall off his bike?

Take care and sending you warm wishes.

MummySparkle Thu 26-May-16 06:46:48

How did you guess Nina? Of course he fell of that goddamn bike!

I know I'm feeling crap because I've messed my meds up. And I know I'll feel better next week. I keep telling myself that. But it doesn't take much to open the floodgates to all of the negative urges.

I haven't harmed. Not since I had to have the last one operated on. It's been really really hard not to, but I know if I do it will destroy DP, and completely wreck our relationship. His anxiety sky-rocketed after last time and he's only just getting back on track.

I fell asleep not long after I posted. I think I needed it. Still feel exhausted this morning though. The venlafaxine does help I think. I feel a lot better on it than I ever did on the quetiapine. So at least that is something

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