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How do I explain depression to my DS?

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flippinada Mon 23-May-16 14:35:33

I'm a regular and thought about name changing for this but decided not to.

I've had a horrendous year so far (don't want to go into detail but stuff going wrong with house, money worries, work issues)and everything has just got on top of me to the point where I've been signed off work with depression, stress and anxiety. Just for some context I'm a single parent and live at a distance from my family an while they are supportive it's from a distance and not day to day stuff. I'm really not in a good way but managing as best as I can and am anxious to minimise the impact on my DS, who's 11.

He's aware I'm not at work and that I'm not my usual self and is asking why.

How on earth do I explain depression to him? I'm worried about saying the wrong thing and scaring him.

Very grateful for any advice or thoughts. Thank you.

NanaNina Mon 23-May-16 15:04:23

I have recurring depressive disorder and so can change from day to day. I worry about my grandchildren as I can't explain it to the younger ones - so I try to make light of it (they are in another country so it's easier) but we do visit of course. I just say I have a stupid headmonster that makes me poorly sometimes. The 16 year old I can explain a bit more. Your boy is in the middle of the ages of my GC.

I don't think you can say the wrong thing - just tell him that because of al the stress you've got something called depression and it makes you (whatever symptoms you have) but he's not to worry and you will get better. I think that's probably enough tbh. Or you could use the headmonster - I use it for adults too, by way of explanation!

Are you on meds?

flippinada Mon 23-May-16 15:08:59

Thank you NanaNina.

I am on meds, in fact I have been for a while - Mirtazapine, for anxiety. I'm on the highest dose.

The headmonster sounds like a good way of explaining it, and something I thinj DS will relate to, so I will try that.

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