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Resources for depressed men?

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TimeIhadaNameChange Mon 23-May-16 10:19:02


I'm sure I saw a recommendation for a website full of resources and articles re depression for men. I may have made this up, but if there is anything out there could you please let me know.

DP is depressed. Has been for a while (tbh I suspect for most of his life) but he's currently going through a major episode and it's beginning to affect me. He won't go to the doctor about it (doesn't want to become addicted to pills) so has turned to alcohol instead. The weekend's been dire from my pov and I'm hoping to find him some help.


pouncehill Mon 23-May-16 21:45:45

Heya I don't have any links but didn't want to read and run.
My DP suffers with depression and refused to go to the doctors for ages. I know how hard it can be and completely sympathiseflowers

TimeIhadaNameChange Mon 30-May-16 14:42:04

Hi Pouncehill,

Thanks for replying, and sorry for not coming back to thank you sooner.

This weekend was better in some ways, but much worse in others. He was, at least, speaking about going to the doctors last night. Whether or not it was the drink talking remains to be seen, but he is admitting the extent of his problems now which is an improvement.

Anyway, thanks.


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