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Aliiiii Mon 23-May-16 09:23:32

Apologies, this is a long one!
I have been off work over 2 years with severe depression and anxiety, my treatment has included numerous ADs, inpatient stays and lengthy CBT none of which have worked sufficiently
In that time I have been lucky enough to be seen privately as my employer provides private healthcare
My employer is now looking to pension me off through ill health, which I'm fine with
My private consultant had suggested ECT-private healthcare would not cover this so he referred me back to the NHS, I went to see my GP who referred me to the local Mental Health Trust- my assessment appointment came through really quickly and I had my first assessment at the beginning of March
The assessment went well, although the ECT was declined I didn't have a problem with this as the Doctor I saw suggested combinations of ADs that I had not tried before and also a possible personality disorder, which I agree with
Since then I have heard absolutely nothing!!!!
I finally got hold of the Doctor I saw who said he would be writing to my GP the following week-to date no letter has been received!!!!
I've been in contact with my GP who chased up again, confirming I would now be under the NHS and still nothing!
I'm at a loss
All I want is to get better, get a job and get on with my life
Having been spoilt by Private care I did not realise how bad the NHS has become, although my GP has said this is bad even for the NHS
It's been nearly 3 months since I was seen, I'm struggling massively as you can imagine
I just want someone to help me, is that such a hard thing to ask for??
I'm lucky I have a wonderful supportive family but I just don't know what to do now? Contact PALS maybe?? Can anyone help???

NanaNina Mon 23-May-16 12:48:01

Hello there - I think we've "spoken" before about ECT. Who was it that did this assessment? I think you need to get onto him/her again or phone the secretary. That's ridiculous - my psychiatrist sent a letter to my GP less than a week after my appointment. My CPN told me there was a bit of a backlog waiting for typing but only a day or two in my case.

You could see your GP and ask them to get on to whoever did the assessment though I honestly think you need to speak to him/her directly and ask when this letter is going to be sent. There is the possibility of course that it's already been sent so contact the GP to check.

You could try PALS or the Care Quality Commission (CQC) who oversee all medical services.

What meds are you on at the moment.

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