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to be sick of constant stress!!!

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diamond457 Sat 21-May-16 20:00:06

Spent three years in my 'dream job' only to get bullied horrificly by the manager, I walked out in Feb with no job to go to as it was the final straw. I had no money and not entitled to benefits due to other halfs earnings.

I took on a job out of desperation which I hate. Company are a joke. The job is not suitable and I am a fish out of water. In fact I'm at the total end of the scale on terms of suitability personality wise.
Other things like car breaks down, get new car that breaks down, dd the ended up in hospital with asthma and we find out we had an infestation of mice due to builders at the back of the woods digging it all up and them coming in.
Had the most awful day today. Go to work to be told I'm not actually meant to be in as I am no longer needed but they told me a week they didn't! I go round my parents for dinner and my dad is steaming drunk and starts a big row with my mum, says he hates my sister and called her a bastard...awful awful stuff. He starts choking quite severely because he's that drunk. I think he's a secret alcoholic.
I left after dinner because I felt awkward and scared. Mum then calls me saying he started on her because I left and it's her fault, he hates her and she's a prat. She says she wants to leave him and poured her heart out to me. I just don't need to hear it. I had a horrible childhood filled with arguments and violence and it brings it all back.
I am sick of everything. Of wanting to be happy and live my life but I can't because of other people ruining everything for me!
Sick of never ending stress and worries.

HPFA Sun 22-May-16 07:55:09

This sounds awful OP. If you can afford it it sounds like counselling might be really useful for you - to help you sort out what you can do something about and what isn't your responsibility.
I had a similar set of circumstances last year (not as bad as yours though) and eventually ended up with severe anxiety. Eventually I just learned to mentally cut out those stresses that were other people's problems but it did take a while. Your parents' problems are not your responsibility!!

This is a good workbook which might help you get started

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