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Fish oils to help low mood/depression

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Trickymoments Sat 21-May-16 11:10:35

Has anyone tried taking fish oils to help with low mood/depression?
I've read a few things now saying how effective they are but on both occasions I've tried them I've felt really weird. I don't know if this down to the fish oils or not but I was wondering if anyone else had ever felt any side effects when taking them? Thanks

AliceScarlett Sat 21-May-16 11:34:02

There is not enough evidence for the NHS to prescribe...but the placebo effect is a wonderful thing wink

Trickymoments Sat 21-May-16 11:54:47

Yes Alice I was quite excited by what I read so thought they might be the answer to getting off the ad's! Instead i think they're making me feel a bit strange...

SaltyMyDear Sat 21-May-16 12:01:35

Which ones did you try? They vary immensely.

I find both omega and vit D help.

Almost everyone is short on omega (which is crucial for Brian function)

SaltyMyDear Sat 21-May-16 12:03:34

This is what I use

I can highly recommend it.

Trickymoments Sat 21-May-16 12:27:58

Thanks Salty, I got the Omega 3 whole fish oils from Holland & Barrett.

SaltyMyDear Sat 21-May-16 12:36:22

There's lots of different brands sold. And they're all totally different.

How much DHA and how much EPA do the ones you bought contain?

And are the capsules (filled with oil) which you swallow?

Trickymoments Sat 21-May-16 12:39:29

Yes they are filled with oil. Need to
check on amounts, not sure. I was told by doc to make sure it's whole fish oils, not cod liver oil as that has too much Vit A which would be bad for a joint condition I have.

Trickymoments Sat 21-May-16 12:40:01

Sorry yes they are red capsules filled with oil.

Realitea Tue 24-May-16 22:09:46

Does anyone know how long you should take them before feeling any benefit? I'm thinking of starting AD's but it would be wonderful if this helped instead.

Realitea Tue 24-May-16 22:16:20

How have they made you feel strange, OP?

Patchworkrainbow123 Thu 26-May-16 22:15:54

Think your meant to take them for a minimum of 3 months.

I tried the Equazen ones..bloody expensive and didn't make any difference to my mood unfortunately.

What has helped though is Vit B complex. I've been taking Swisse and have found them very helpful. My mood is better and I'm far less tired.

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