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What do I say to Dr today? On Citoplam for 2 weeks

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hangingoutattheendofmywick Fri 20-May-16 08:10:34

I am sure I've spelt the drug wrong - Sorry.

I have my follow up app today with the doctor who two weeks ago gave me AD for my depression and anxiety. She said it takes two weeks to work.

Initially I thought it was making me better but now I almost feel worse. Last night I lay awake for hours feeling like I was having a panic attack. I wake up every morning thinking oh no I'm still alive. Which I presume isn't normal. I still feel low and awful but just a bit more tired and really hungry.

I know she'll ask how I feel - is there any point in telling her I feel this way. Is there anything she can do anyway? Or am I just going to feel this way forever medication or no medication.

I'm on 20mg - will she up my dose?! Or will she make me wait longer? I feel incredibly anxious about the Dr because I hate going.

fanks Fri 20-May-16 08:16:32

It takes between 6-8 weeks to have a therapeutic effect, it's common for people to feel worse before they feel better. Just be honest with GP and if I were you stick with 20mg for at least 10weeks to give it a fair go of working.

LittleBearPad Fri 20-May-16 08:17:55

Tell her the truth.

It may be it hasn't started working yet. It may be Citiliopram is not the right AD for you or the dose isn't right. But you need to have the conversation with the Dr to find out.

ExplodingCarrots Fri 20-May-16 08:20:16

Fanks is right. My DP and other close family members have been on it and you feel worse before you get better.

scribbles1980 Fri 20-May-16 09:46:36

Hi hanging
I am also taking citalopram. I would definitely say the first 2 weeks were hard.

It took about 6 weeks for it to start working for me. I almost gave up but I received so much support from MN I stuck with it.

It has made me feel so much better, I am like a different person. Probably saved my life.
Please stick with it. I think you need to give it a bit more time. I wouldn't ask to up the dose just yet. I am on 20mg too.

Good luck flowers

hangingoutattheendofmywick Sun 29-May-16 08:02:38

Thanks everyone. I started taking the tablets at night which combatted the sickness and now I take them in the morning. This will be my 4th week - not sure if I feel better at all ... Back to the Drs on Friday to review but I don't know how you know if you're better really?! I can't tell.

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