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Worried my sister's risky behaviour is a form of self harm

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WAMS Thu 19-May-16 22:10:28

I don't know what to do. She is late 20s and has had a drink problem for years, altho she holds down a job and appears to function. But evenings and weekends she gets pissed and frightens me with her tales the next day. She picks up blokes and goes home with strangers, she does really stupid weird stuff like dares that are dangerous (apparently she climbed out of a 3rd floor window, inched along a narrow ledge of some kind, then back in thro another window in the same flat) She was laughing the other day that she got in what she thought was a cab the other night, told him her address, and he deliberately drove off the wrong way - and carried on the wrong way when she pointed out his mistake. She was too pissed to care. Luckily for her the driver was pulled over by the police, she doesn't know/remember exactly what for or why, and so she got out and hailed a passing cab back again. I worry she has some kind of death wish and/or its some kind of self harm almost. What can I do? If it is self harm, I know nothing about it in adults, where can I go for info? She actually admitted to me the other night that she doesn't care if she's drinking too much, she hates herself and if she makes herself ill, then so what sad

AliceScarlett Sat 21-May-16 11:10:22

It does sound like risky behaviour and she does seem like she has drink problem. Horrible situation for both of you sad

Unfortunately there is nothing you can do, she needs sort herself out, you will just burn yourself out if you try.

Try Al Anon? If you can get past the God stuff it's amazing. Google it flowers

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