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health anxiety

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Smallbear86 Tue 17-May-16 14:43:16

Does anybody else suffer with this? I feel so alone in how I'm feeling I have had this in the past for a few years on and off and I really thought I had gotten over it.
I had a recent health scare which made me really unwell I'm still not the same and getting niggling pains in my side and back my biggest fear is getting ill again as was very bad for four weeks and ended up in hospital.
Since then I constantly fear I have cancer as I'm getting pains still and am not sleeping very much. Last night I had night sweats I'm only 29 so not menopause but I have convinced myself I have lymphoma or something like that.
I know the pains I am getting are real but I always think the worst. I read this morning the antibiotics I was on can cause muscle problems and bad side effects and my legs have been aching so now I'm convincing myself I'm getting really bad side effect from the tablets I've finished them now.
I'm signed off at work still I'm having panic attacks and depression everyday. I've been through this in the past and it totally took over my life I still feel something is wrong as my stomach and back has not felt the same I was diagnosed with pelvic inflammatory disease.
And believe this health fear has taken over my life again I'm wondering is it me or have I genuinely got something wrong sorry to go on can anyone relate

Kaylasmum49 Tue 17-May-16 15:32:11

Hi, I can totally relate to everything you've said and I sympathise with you. HA is hell! I'm going through a very bad bout myself atm.

Do you get any help for the anxiety? I've had cbt twice over the years and really thought I had it beat but it's back worse than ever. It's a hard way to live.

Smallbear86 Tue 17-May-16 18:39:40

No I don't it was so bad last week it's made acrophobic in the past and am trying to avoid that happening as much as possible so force myself to go out even if I feel panic.
I'm a logical sane person if only people knew what goes on inside my mind.
It's the health aniexty that gives me panic attacks so it generates from that.
Last week I felt as thought I was not taking normal breaths like I was breathing deeply to get a breath and then my mom said you breath in more when you have cancer lack of red blood cells I wanted to burst out crying she was in no way saying I had it she just mentioned it without knowing how bad I am.
I'm not sleeping waking numerous times in the night.
I had a smear test last month convinced myself it would show cells was planning my funeral and how I would say bye to my kids. Haven't been this bad in years it's consuming
Have you had treatment at all

Kaylasmum49 Wed 18-May-16 11:17:41

You sound just like me. Cancer is my biggest fear aswell. I can understand the agrophobia part too, I feel "safe" at home when I'm like this, although the anxiety is still very much there. I'm barely eating at the moment and have lost about 8 pounds in 2 weeks.

I'm also normally a very rational person but when HA hits me logical thinking disappears. Does your mum realise how bad your HA is? Maybe you could speak to your gp about it, you could be referred for counselling or maybe they could put you on an antidepressant for the anxiety.

Kaylasmum49 Wed 18-May-16 11:20:13

I've had cbt and have been on anti-d's for the past 12 years.

TolpuddleFarterOATB Wed 18-May-16 11:26:42

I was the same as you OP.

It came to a head this year, when I became obsessed with looking for the signs of septaceamia in myself.

The thing that has really helped me is a prescription for Fluoxetine. I have to say it has changed my life, and I can see my old health worries in a rational way now. And it's nice not thinking about my children attending my funeral etc.

TolpuddleFarterOATB Wed 18-May-16 11:27:50

I am also having CBT, but have found the tablets more effective (though I was sceptical before I took them.)

Smallbear86 Thu 19-May-16 10:32:43

Sorry for late reply I am currently at the doctors and am going to discuss my issues I actually feel embarrassed about it :-(
Hope things get better it's awful I know how you feel

AliceScarlett Sat 21-May-16 11:53:20

Try this:

Hope GP was helpful.

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