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Did you tell your boss

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alwaysprepare Sun 15-May-16 09:46:39

I have been booked off for anxiety and depression and am seeing a psychiatrist weekly. I was booked off for two weeks by my doctor initially, but it took some time to see the psychiatrist. I then got booked off for another two weeks. We are basically working on a 'we see how things go' basis.
I have been prescribed medicine to deal with the tearfullness and anxiety mostly.
Part of this anxiety is facing going to work currently. In a nutshell I am getting divorced and have to think about the house move etc. and feel quite overwhelmed with 3 kids , stbx is moving out of the country.

My boss kept calling me this week, though I emailed my medical certificates, I just had a great anxiety about talking to anyone except my best friend and the psychiatrist about things. I did not return his calls then, but he sent me a threatening letter that I need to be available on the phone even if I am sick - he is a tool in general and the pay is shitty. Lol. All I had said to him at the beginning was that I have a lot of issues some of which involve taking care of the welfare of my children.
Anyway, I have to call him tomorrow , do I have to give him specifics of the cause of my depression even though I don't really feel like telling him? What did you tell your work? How long were you booked off?

alwaysprepare Sun 15-May-16 10:04:09

And just to add, that I can remotely access my work emails, he just kept asking when I am coming back. I told him that depends on therapy.
I doubt the question is about the job itself as there is a colleague I work with so everything is transparent, also they had a temp in already and she helped with my duties.

I am just super stressed already about talking to him.

PlasticRoses Sun 15-May-16 10:20:52

If he's a tool and the pay is crap why don't you start looking at other things? I left my last job in the midst of MH issues and A lack of support and it was the best thing I ever did. I left without anything lined up as I had savings but I'm sure you could find something better?

PlasticRoses Sun 15-May-16 10:21:15

Random capital a there

slgsue1979 Sun 15-May-16 11:53:03

I am in a similar boat what does your doctors note say you are signed off with? That should be enough!
I have got another job now so have something positive to think about. When you do speak to him all I would say is that the doctors note explains it all and you do not want to discuss it as this is not conducive to your recovery. Unless he is a doctor or a psychologist he has no right to judge in anyway. Nor can he reveal your diagnosis to staff members. You never know it might just be that he wants an idea of when you may return so he can organise the work xx

dangermouseisace Sun 15-May-16 20:31:19

have you got an occupational health dept? As if you work for a bigger organisation they can help fend him off. If not, I'd speak to ACAS or your union for advice. I don't think what he is doing is ok.

You don't have to give him the cause of your depression. I was under the impression that if you were signed off that you didn't have to be available to talk too him…maybe talking to him a few days before your sick note runs out seems reasonable- but only to say if you are coming back or not.

If sounds like you have enough stress without that bell end flowers

AliceScarlett Sat 21-May-16 11:30:03

He sounds like a dick. CAB could help.

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