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Feeling a bit...

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runnerselbow Thu 12-May-16 18:07:45

Hi not really sure what I'm looking for from writing here, but just feel like I need some wise words or an outside perspective. Basically just feeling a bit down... recently moved back to UK and am self-employed. Moved to a city with one good friend but don't really know anyone else. Found a flat quickly but (not complaining but think it's part of what's getting me down) it's very small and there's not much daylight gets in... I usually work from home and enjoy my own company by and large, but I'm somehow not being very productive and finding myself not wanting to get out of bed in the morning... Until recently I was training for a marathon and now it's over feel a little lost. Feeling a little lonely and slightly overwhelmed. Just a bit worried that if I slip down I'll struggle to get back up again. Have suffered from serious depression in the past and so worried about going back there. I think the enormity of settling in has hit me and I miss where I was before. Today have felt very listless and slightly sick and not really up to much. Haven't exercised for several weeks during marathon recovery and have found myself drinking in the evenings out of boredom and loneliness. I was going to attend a meetup event at the weekend but didn't go in the end as I wasn't feeling up to it. Silly I know, but I was worried about feeling worse. Having a bit of culture shock I think. If anyone has any advice for pulling myself out of this rut it'd be so much appreciated!

Orchidflower1 Thu 12-May-16 18:30:22

Hi have you thought about joining any classes / gym if you like exercise. If you've paid for something it may give you the insentive to go- anything g from art to a language. May help you meet people? 😃

runnerselbow Thu 12-May-16 18:42:21

Hi Orchid smile Thanks for the response and suggestions! Yes, have been looking at meetup groups etc and a running club... Don't know where but somehow along the line my confidence has taken a dive and I'm now feeling a bit overwhelmed about the thought of going... it feels like spending several weeks of not really seeing anyone has put me in a bit of a funk... and now I'm worried about going along and making a bad impression or something... have been volunteering a bit and actually finding being back in the UK a bit of a culture shock. Am looking for an upcoming race of some sort as well to get me back running... without a goal I've been slacking and putting off going! Thanks for the suggestions flowers

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