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Went to see GP today

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slgsue1979 Tue 10-May-16 19:08:19

I finally took the plunge and went to see my GP today. Unfortunately I couldn't see a GP but they got me in to see the nurse practitioner she was brilliant my 5 minute appointment took 30! I found it hard to talk at first but once I started I just wept and everything came out.
Due to a medical condition she took some blood and has arranged for me to have an ecg and see a doctor on Friday so that any medication they put me on will be safe she also has put in an appointment request with the counsellor and signed me off work for a week.
I am so tired now and my head hurts but do feel slightly less het up and tense. I just want to feel happy again

pippistrelle Wed 11-May-16 11:08:23

Hello sigsue. I responded to a thread you started a couple of weeks ago, and I've wondered how you were getting on. Really glad you've seen someone now, and it sounds like a really helpful person too.

slgsue1979 Wed 11-May-16 17:12:26

Thank you. I actually slept last night and I slept alot about 11 hours in total, I normally get about 4/5 hours if I am lucky.
I am now getting nervous about my appointments over the next 2 days because of my medical condition they can't just prescribe anything but she told me that they are with nice people.
Had some ups and downs today, I got a job offer which I really wanted and think will help on the up side but then I had a chat with my mum who told me basically that I shouldn't be wasting the doctors time with this as I am apparently fine angry I don't know how she can tell this as we only talk by phone as she lives and hour away so doesn't see me when I feel like shit. She even said my hubby wasn't supportive of me and I couldn't believe it she had me in tears trying to get her to have just a little understanding but my husband has been nothing but supportive and non-judgemental I am now ignoring the phone because I know it will just upset me

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