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Helping my husband

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Frizzfrizz1986 Sat 07-May-16 20:57:41

Back story....
Husband lost his job in October and has struggled to find work. He was in a career that he trained for and although it's given him lots of transferable skills, he doesn't have experience in anything else and has been knocked back from agency after agency.

He is low and no longer himself because of this. It's all started through what appears to be no fault of his own and I am concerned about him.
He is unmotivated and it feels he is on the long downward spiral and I am struggling to help him climb out.

I suffered from depression years ago and know what it's like but I don't think I'm handling it well at all. This time we have much more financial responsibility and need him in work,but I need my husband back too before we both completely fall apart and I think him getting better will in turn enable work to follow.

He doesn't like talking and won't tell me how he feels or anything.
What can I do? The stress has pushed me over the edge. It's caused me to be overwhelmed and unable to cope with everything but know he needs my help and support.
I am stressed at him and some of the things he does are impacting severely on the future but I know that a lot of these things he can't help. He doesn't want to try though so I need to encourage him to do something.

I've given him some numbers to call for local services but I'm not convinced he will call.

I fear this will destroy us.

Fedupofbuildingsnowmen Tue 10-May-16 04:14:05

Sounds like you are being very supportive and really not much else you can do. It has to come from him. I can relate.
I have bipolar disorder and have been in hospital since November when my youngest daughter was only 11 weeks old. My husband is depressed and really struggling (he was depressed before I became ill) He refuses offers from the hospital staff of help and also won't self refer for counselling. He did go to gp for antidepressants but has since stopped taking them. I will always be here for him but he needs to help himself. #stay strong xxx

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