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Private GP

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WalkingBlind Fri 06-May-16 21:39:13

I'm an adult with undiagnosed Aspergers/ASD and would like it to be diagnosed. My GP is very dismissive and I do not have the confidence to push them.

I would like to see a private GP for diagnosis, has anyone done this before? Any recommendations in the North West would be great, thanks

AnotherEmma Fri 06-May-16 21:45:13

I suggest you see another GP at the surgery, if that's possible, or if not change GP surgery.

You can look on the NHS website for patient reviews, which will give an indication of whether the GPs are good or not.

You should be able to find a good GP in the NHS and that will be much better in the long term.

Save your money for counselling or a psychiatrist if you can't get a referral or the NHS waiting list is too long!

NanaNina Fri 06-May-16 22:32:32

I agree with Emma - it's not worth paying to see a "private" GP - they are only ordinary GPs and no better qualified and so it would be a waste of your money. It is also highly unlikely they could diagnose you.

Can I ask why you think you have AS. It's not really something a GP can diagnose - you might be better of asking for a referral to a psychiatrist or maybe a clinical psychologist. You may have to pay to see a clinical psychologist.

hefzi Sat 07-May-16 15:33:26

If you have a bit of a Google (or are we allowed to post links?) you'll be able to find a private practice which has offices in many NW cities. Their ASD/Aspergers person operates mainly out of Leeds, iirc: the initial consultation with him is a hefty £595, but you don't need a referral from a doctor - you can just refer yourself. Follow up appointments are £100-150.

Otherwise, you can pay privately to see someone - some want GP referrals and others will see you without: I'm in a NW city, and here, £250 for the first appointment is normal, with £150 thereafter.

hefzi Sat 07-May-16 15:34:25

Sorry - forgot to say, if you have a dismissive GP, it's unlikely you'll get a referral to adult MH services very easily, as they are massively over-stretched etc etc: hence my reason for suggesting private psych options

Makesomethingupyouprick Sat 07-May-16 15:34:56

A GP can't diagnose you with an Autism spectrum condition. You need to see a specialist.

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