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Issues with appearance

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snowted77 Sun 01-May-16 23:54:48

I don't feel attractive, I never have even though I have a boyfriend I still don't feel attractive and the only reason I look in the mirror is to check my piercings are ok, my skin is awful, oily, blackheads, spots, dry skin and no matter what I try it never gets better, I'm 34 and have the skin of a teenager and not in the looks young sense, i have different sized eyes and its very noticeable in real life and in photos, my hair is boring and never looks good and because of my disability I can't do anything with it, I've tried changing it, I've been short, long and everything in between, I've had a full fringe, side fringe, no fringe, I hate watching TV, films etc because everyone is attractive and I'm not, I've tried changing my look, I love the rock chick/punk/alternative look and I do dress a bit rock (jeggings, skull Tees etc but I just look stupid) I'd like o wear make up but I sit around the house so there's no point, Ive had to leave facebook because literally everyone on the groups I'm on are gorgeous, they post a photo and get told how fit/gorgeous/attractive/cute/pretty they are, I post a photo and I get nothing, no comments at all most of the time, family never tell me I'm beautiful, when describing me beautiful is never a word they'd use

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