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How do you get threw ? ...

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Melissa1929 Wed 27-Apr-16 23:48:14

I am 27 and a mom of two , 7 & 4 , girls. I have bipolar disorder and still going through treatment trying to find the right med mix ATM , a big trigger is my daughter (obviously a trigger I can't avoid) , she was born with many abnormalities had a few surgery's , nose , eyes sockets, and heart . She actually has no eyes and no left ear her left side of face is smaller and nerves don't respond . Her insides are all abnormal to and a cyst in her brain that causes us to not know anything about development and also lifespan . I just need advice , I'm so overwhelmed and close to a breaking point , been in a major depressive break down for years not that I can't seem to shake.

sadie9 Thu 28-Apr-16 09:57:56

Hi Melissa1929, sorry that you are struggling so much at the moment. The situation with your daughter certainly is a lot to cope with for you. What kind of support have you got at home? Does your daughter go to a day care centre or some such? Are you in touch with other mothers of children with special needs? When there is something you are dealing with which is unknown (like your daughter's future) talking to others in the same boat can really help manage the day to day pressure of it.
What sort of therapy are you having at the moment? What might help is some kind of mindfulness based therapy, which teaches you to focus on each day as it happens, rather than constantly being in the worried 'what if' state of mind that focuses on fear of the future. And talking to people who understand your situation each day in real life might be helpful to you. And of course online forums like here on Mumsnet!

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