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My DD cut her wrist

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Helpmydd Wed 20-Apr-16 19:01:14

Can anybody help?

DD has serious mental health issues various diagnosis including BPD and hears violent aggressive voices.

She is violent so cannot live with me and sometimes hates me and would kill me if the voices told her so but I love her, she is my dd, same little girl as when she was a child and I cope with the heartache and manage my emotions all of the time, nobody knows until she has cut her wrist, her artery was severed and she has had surgery and although she is ok again now and finally hospital are not just putting it down to 'behavioural' issues. I feel sure she will be discharged before she feels safe and will die.

I am going to die too when that happens because it is my dd.

Nobody gives a shit. She was begging to stay in hospital last week because of the voices tormenting her and they discharged her because they 'needed the bed' - so she tried to kill herself just as she said she would.

She is on police bail because recently she got violent with police an d paramedics trying to get admitted back to hospital, then they finally put her in but played a mean trick by saying I culd take her out but bring her back if I didn't feel safe, when I got there, she had all of her bags and was being discharged against her will because they needed her bed. The police woman told her to go and kill herself.

I was scared for myself and her and I took her to her supported accommodation where she lives but now she has cut her wrist so badly because nobody listens to her pain.

Nobody cares it has been proven time and time again over the years and I feel broken. I need some help now.

Broken1Girl Wed 20-Apr-16 19:52:48

I'm so sorry that happened to your DD. How appalling. flowers

Make sure you get some support for yourself, oxygen masks etc.

Helpmydd Wed 20-Apr-16 22:01:44

Thank you Broken1Girl

I just need to know how to make sure she survives and finds some kind of peace in her life. I don't know how to do that sad

oleoleoleole Wed 20-Apr-16 22:15:42

She should have a mental health support worker, you need the number of the crisis team. Go to her GP and insist on her being taken seriously, she needs meds to control her condition, is she taking them? My heart goes out to,you. Basically do what I did "if you discharge her and I'm sat here tomorrow morning asking why my DC has succeeded with suicide can you live with yourself knowing the decision you are making is not a financial one". I've only said it twice but both times DC was admitted and subsequently sectioned.

Helpmydd Wed 20-Apr-16 22:26:12

Thank you!! Thank you oleo I honestly didn't think a thing I said could make a difference!! I know now and I will try harder! flowers

I was treated like an irrelevant peace of crap at the last hospital.

We have had support workers, care packages, the crisis team (who rarely gave a crap!)

Some care packages were good but she moves, constantly, to run away from the torment!

She is heavily medicated already but will take illegal drugs at times sad

NanaNina Thu 21-Apr-16 00:39:03

I'm a bit confused Help do you mean your daughter has cut her wrists again? If so she obviously needs urgent medical help which of course you will already know. Is she still in hospital?

Can I ask her age - have you tried getting the GP to make a referral to CAMHS - mind much depends on who you get, and they often have a waiting list. Is your girl on any meds, and has she been seen by a psychiatrist for diagnosis and treatment. If not I think she should - would she let you go to the GP with her to press for this.

I know the state of mental health services nationwide is utterly appalling. The govt have taken an axe to the budgets of all public services, but with the NHS budget a very small % is given to mental health - less that useless really. It isn't the fault of the workers of course but the govt.

Your daughter might find the website YoungMinds useful.

Is there anyone to look after you?

Helpmydd Thu 21-Apr-16 10:14:13

Hi Nana she has been ill for years, she is 23 and has had all sorts of systems and care plans in place plus many different types of accomodations but she just moves away and leaves them behind. She is now worse than ever and needs to be kept safe in hospital but they don't keep her in.

She was on a heavy dose of quetiapine for years but it didn't stop the voices so they tried something else and now olanzapine but nothing works. She gets violent out of desperation to be admitted to hospital but they just throw her out even when she begs them to stay, they say they need the beds.

She is still in hospital for the recent self-harm, she might have died, she severed an artery and has had surgery.

She is very seriously ill but nobody can help or control her violence.

I am very very scared for her and us.

I had a wonderful social worker to support me at my end but since she moved last time we no longer fall within his catchment area.

Foxyspook Thu 21-Apr-16 11:36:49

Could you get in touch with that wonderful social worker and see if she has any suggestions for referrals in the area you are now living?

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