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Tonis2297 Tue 19-Apr-16 18:08:23

I think I'm in need of some serious help .. My mental health lately has been all over the place and not just me that's noticing now the Hv thinks I have OCD , when something major happens splitting up with ds dad , new dd being born etc I seem to go a bit 'nuts' for a few months literally up to 4am or all nighters cleaning the house , this carries on for a few months then it goes downhill and I don't feel like getting off the couch dp has to make the dinners at night because I'm just so tired I feel as if I'm on edge all the time and try not to go out only if I need to ie ds hospital appointments, nursery and back , and please don't tell me to see my gp she's as much use as a chocolate teapot sad

MrTiddlestheFatCat Tue 19-Apr-16 18:14:02

flowers OP. Sounds like a very stressful time for you. How much support do you have? Family etc?

You acknowledge yourself that you need some serious help though, and that usually takes the form of making a Drs appointment. Can you not ask to see a different Dr at the practice? I have done this before.

Did the health visitor not have any suggestions for you?

Tonis2297 Tue 19-Apr-16 18:17:16

Not much support my parents work a lot and dp works full time just me and the kids ds has SN and dd is still a baby , I think I'll need to ask to see a different one I just get anxious that she might think I'm rude (she has shouted at me before half the surgery heard and I was mortified) the health visitor only said to see gp but they know what I'm like if they turn up unannounced without an appointment I'll burst into tears and there not aloud in sad

KittyandTeal Tue 19-Apr-16 18:19:49

I'm afraid you do have to see the gp, it's the only way I know to get a referral to the adult mental health services. Which is what you need for a diagnosis and treatment. Ocd is very distressing (I don't have it but know people who do) and so you need treatment to help you cope at stressful times in your life (I say this as someone with various mh diagnoses)

Can you write down all the 'ocd' type behaviours and feelings you get before going to he gp, read it out, tell him you are distressed and want a referral to adult mental health.

Tonis2297 Tue 19-Apr-16 18:23:09

I will try I'm just terrified SS will get involved and take my children away sad I've seen how they can be my sister has psychosis she has been sectioned more times than I've had hot dinners and locked away in secure units I'm just terrified of what's going to happen

KittyandTeal Tue 19-Apr-16 18:36:14

If it makes you feel any better I have very recently had a diagnosis of Potsdam alongside my borederline personality disorder as well as ednos so a fair old list.

I have historically self harmed but no longer do this. My psychiatrist said he would have to make a ss referral if I was self harming while I was alone with my dd or feeling suicidal. I really wouldn't worry about ss referral. You do need some support and help if you have an as of yet undiagnosed mh disorder.

MrTiddlestheFatCat Tue 19-Apr-16 18:39:19

Don't worry about the GP thinking you're being rude, that's not important but your mental health right now is. Just ring up the GP surgery and ask the Receptionist to make an appointment with a different DR- you might even be able to google the names of those at the Practice and choose a different one. Could you perhaps change surgeries all together?

It is ridiculously unprofessional for a GP to shout at you, but that is a reflection on her and not you. I think you know yourself that you need help, so its good that you are prepared to seek it.

I have horrible anxiety over things like making GP appointments, so I can understand how you're feeling, especially after a bad experience. But if you can, just bite the bullet and ring them up, then go from there. I think you will feel a lot better once you get the ball rolling a little bit and feel like you're getting somewhere.

You have very little support and I imagine you are exhausted with very little time to yourself. It is totally normal to feel like you're climbing the walls and that you need support in that situation.

Tonis2297 Tue 19-Apr-16 18:50:50

I did want to change surgery to a closer one but my Hv would have to change and I really get on with her and trust her as I've known her since ds was a baby she is one of the few people that I feel comfortable in my house , (my dads not even aloud in hmm) I will need to try there is a few nice doctors at the practice I just seem to get lumped with her everytime 😳 I've never self harmed or thought of suicide and never thought of harming my children either I just need to do something my dd is missing out because I can't take her to the shops or baby&toddler etc I must sound completely nuts sad

KittyandTeal Tue 19-Apr-16 20:27:24

No more nuts than the rest of us grin

Have a look at the gps online. I specifically ask to see one doctor as she has an interest in mental health. See if there is someone like that at your practice.

Tonis2297 Tue 19-Apr-16 21:08:59

I can't see any on there website 😒 I'm gonna ask my mum to phone I always get too agitated and start stuttering which makes me worse if she does I'll not be as bad hopefully x

KittyandTeal Wed 20-Apr-16 13:44:43

That's a good start. Could you take someone with you to the appointment? Or write down everything you want to say? I find I go in, get nervous and ramble on about unrelated stuff all while telling them I'm fine. I probably sounds so unstable sometimes grin

It's scary the first time you say to someone 'actually I'm not ok' and it's scary going in to the MH 'system' but in reality, unless you are very unstable and unable to look after yourself, they really are there to try and help get you back in an even keel.

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