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Does anyone suffer from health anxiety? I feel so alone with it

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Trickymoments Tue 19-Apr-16 12:30:52

I've always been a worrier but since I developed a chronic condition after having my son, I am constantly anxious about my health to the point it's making me feel really low.

My condition is an autoimmune condition and is very well managed & luckily doesn't affect me too much, but since having it I just worry to an abnormal extent about my health.

I have had counselling which helped me accept this condition but didn't help me stop worrying.

Has anyone successfully dealt with this? I'm on ad's but feel they make no difference and only add to my worry about taking them long term! It's spoiling my life with my lovely family.🙁

HPFA Tue 19-Apr-16 15:23:30

Lots of people have this and it seems very understandable how it developed in your case. I admit I haven't found the cure but learning mindfulness has certainly helped me have longer periods between flare-ups.. My GP referred me to a local service which gave me telephone help and sent publications which were really useful.
If you have a sympathetic GP do tell them as there is help out there- I think these days GPS are a lot more understanding than they used to be - or maybe I've just been lucky.! Best wishes to you

Trickymoments Tue 19-Apr-16 17:37:17

Thank you HPFA. I didn't know lots of people have this & I don't know anyone although I'm guessing it's not the sort of thing people find easy to talk about.

My GP is brilliant & knows what I'm like. She knows exactly how to deal with me. She's sent me on counselling & given me ad's all to try & help me but I still feel the same.
I can spend hours thinking bad things & worrying about my health &
at the worst times, I spend more time thinking about this than I do interacting with my children or doing the things I'm meant to be doing in the house.

It's awful being like this. I suppose I'm wondering if it will ever go away or if anyone else has managed to stop feeling like this.

Myhairisturninggrey Mon 23-May-16 20:56:23

I think there are more people with health anxiety than you could ever have imagined. Many just suffer in silence as they are embarrassed about it, as are many people with mental health issues.

Have a look at the No More Panic website. There is lots of information about health anxiety and a forum with a section just for health anxiety sufferers. It has been a great help to me in the past.

Mummytron Tue 07-Jun-16 18:52:58

Tricky, are you me? 😆
I am exactly the same. I have two kids, health anxiety and an auto immune disease which makes me worry I'm dying all the time.
At the moment I can't get any relief from it. Everyday or week I have a new terminal illness and I'm so fed up with myself.
I know why I do it but I can't help myself 😞
What autoimmune do you have?

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