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Is it time for a change (a new me )

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als30 Mon 18-Apr-16 10:41:22

No idea if I'm Posting in right bit but hey ho and no idea how to start this just need advice and if It's not too late to change my life around or give it a little boost
Was always a quiet lass at school never fitted in with the populars lol left school to do childcare passed my nc then I met my DDs dad (first proper bf since school ) didn't go back to college (bad move ) and ended up pregnant too young but don't regret it one but
DDs dad was never around so I had to bring up her by my self with the help of family I've always worked so when DD started nursery I started looking for part time jobs till I figured out if I was going back to college
I've been in the job 9/10 years now and I feel I'm stuck and I'm going no where fast
DD is now 12 and I'm trying to improve life for the both of us thinking of doing a cake decorating course as I was thinking of heading back to college but I'd love to do something that I can pass on to DD
I suffer from anxiety too been a tough year and I don't really get out much during the day I just sit and watch TV play games on Tablet etc
I'm now 32 and have plans is it too late to change my life around for the better have any of you felt the same?

Part of thinks it's cause I feel lonely as I don't have a partner lol excuse the rambling lol x

als30 Mon 18-Apr-16 11:06:53

Also was supposed to put seeing as I don't do much during the day or at night after work when DDs in her bed I can sometimes fantasise about a celebrity of such (DD big into minecraft and YouTube so I dream about certain you tubers) doesn't last long though maybe after a few weeks it's tends to ease then it's someone else lol is that normal too

Thinking of joining a fitness group something different (make me look a bit bettergrin ) plus talking about heading to a careers office for advice too

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