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Katellie Mon 18-Apr-16 02:01:47

Hi, have just signed up to mumsnet today and am still not sure exactly on how to use bare withsmile, I'm a young(23yo) mum of 1(4yo). I have been suffering with anxiety and attacks when travelling be it bus train or by car. I am struggling to keep them under control, I have even found myself having to get off a bus not at my destination because of them being so bad I'm starting to not want to travel at all to save myself from them, I am going to b heading to margate for a week in the next few days and will be traveling with my fiancé's uncle which I am not all that to familiar with and am hoping for some help with the journey ? I have tried breathing tech, also karms and rescue remedy spray and none seem to be helping.

dangermouseisace Mon 18-Apr-16 09:00:28

Hi Katellie welcome to the board!

Do you know what it is about transport that sets them off? Does your fiancé/fiance's uncle know you get them? As sometimes it can be worse if you're anxious about people seeing you are anxious if you see what I mean.

Do you think listening to music on headphones might be helpful (if your fiancé helps look out for you little one)…I personally find that helpful on public transport- something else to focus on!

Also, have you been to the GP about this at all?

als30 Mon 18-Apr-16 11:12:43

Hey you will get used to this
Pretty usefull if you need advice
I too suffer from anxiety got diagnosed last year so far I've been OK till recently feel as though my life has came to a stop and I'm forever going to be a cleaner and still at home with my mum plus a tad lonely as no partner
I'm a single mum

I was finding it hard just going to shops on my own till I decided to see a go who referred me to see a specialist

Do you know why your anxious about travelling?

Katellie Mon 18-Apr-16 12:19:29

hi dangermouseiseace! Thank you!
Unfortunately I am not sure as to why transport sets me off, I'm a worrier I used to be worried about if the train bus went else where and I got stuck somewhere etc, i dont have these forts anymore doesn't even enter my head because I'm just having the attacks from the minute im getting ready to leave and while travelling and feel I need to get out of where ever I am.
My fiancé brushes my anxiety off (not v supportive) just thinks I'm being silly sometimes he seems to find it annoying, his uncle doesn't no.
I feel I'm more prone to them when I'm without my daugther to..
I will try listening to music and see how it goes thank u so much for your reply and help x

Katellie Mon 18-Apr-16 12:46:47

Hi als30
I have found myself on here a few times but have now signed up rather then reading others q's and replys I needed to get my owns q's on,
Firstly well done for being you and everything you do and for doing it all with anxiety! Mummy power! I have also been single alone with my daughter and felt as if the world was just going by and I was going nowhere and also understand the loneliness I used to feel hopeless in finding a parter that no1 would be interested in a young single mum after going a dark patch and not speaking to anyone about how I felt venting these feelings with friends and family made me feel a whole heap better I also started writing things down when I was feeling them why I was feeling them? I hope maybe this could help you ❤
I'm worried about going to a gp wondering If s/s will get involved ? Am I put on meds?
What happened when you went to your gp ?
Thank you for your reply and help x

als30 Mon 18-Apr-16 13:32:40

When I went to my gp (felt embrassed as I burst into tears) she asked how long was a feeling low etc then said she would refer me to see a phycosigist (hope that's spelt right) was really nervous but after a few sessions I felt calmer and understood anxiety more
They don't put you on Meds think that might be a option if therapy doest work
Sometimes sitting and talking to someone you don't know really helps
I still get days where I feel down but I'm hoping to improve that by changing my life for the better
Better career better social life and just a better life for my daughter

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