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Edinburghmum2016 Thu 14-Apr-16 20:20:59

I'm currently on AD which do seem to help, Without them i get health anxiety, thoughts that I have cancer or am going to drop down dead from an brain bleed constantly. I have been on them a year and thought I was ready to come off them, but as O lowered the dose , everything came back again. Does anyone have to take AD for life?

I also suffer from perfectionism, which I'v mentioned to a therapist bt no one understands. I have to have the house spotless everyday or I feel really anxious. I also get obbsesions like all my families clothes have to be plain, no patterns and a certain number items. ie 3 t shirts, 2 trouser 1 jean. For everyone. I can't help it, I have to sort things all the time and am constantly throwing away things to live with as little as possible. Its like its a cleansing process. Its not OCD as I don't do it to ward off bad thoughts. I can't leave it (an odd coloured towel , or not right number plates) I will go into debt just to get it right

Anyone else suffer from this and have any idea what it is? and why?

Marchate Thu 14-Apr-16 21:25:32

I'm no expert but I have two relatives with OCD. They tell me it's not the obsessions, nor the compulsions, that are problematic per se. It's when they make it difficult to live a reasonably normal life. Then it's a disorder

Sounds like you do have obsessions though. Maybe linked to your health anxiety?

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