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PND and loneliness

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thatdarncat Mon 11-Apr-16 18:47:16

What do those who suffer from PND do for support when they have no one to talk to? I ask as I was still scoring 9 on the EPDS at my 3 month check with HV (scored the same and for same questions at 6 weeks) and over the past week have felt myself slowly teeter to the edge. Had countless panic attacks at the weekend. Today hasn't been great.
Anyway, I am very isolated. H works away. Family aren't close by and parents still work full-time. DSis is a good support but she suffers from depression and anxiety herself and I already put enough on her. I don't have any friends near me. I appreciate there's likely not much can be done but just wondered. Thanks.

Shoeoholic Mon 11-Apr-16 20:36:34

The Association for Postnatal Illness (APNI) really helped me. You can call them during the day (10am-2pm) everyday if you like. Also you can sign up to get a volunteer or mentor who is matched to your symptoms. My mentor was fantastic, as I could text/ call her anytime. It really helps to have someone helping you whose been through it and come out the otherside. Despite all the medical training of GPs/ HVs you really can't understand how bad it is until you have suffered from it. Please contact them- it was the best thing I did x

thatdarncat Mon 11-Apr-16 21:17:56

Thank you Shoeholic
I have completed the form for a mentor/volunteer to contact me by email (I'm not really good with opening up to people I don't know over the phone). Thanks again x

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