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13 year old panic on transport- any advice?

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MissTriggs Wed 06-Apr-16 20:43:10

I have a history of panic attacks over 15, years which I am pleased to say has much improved as I worked out what would calm me/ prevent them. Ds is unfortunately aware of my tension when, for instance, entering an airplane and I suspect my example is sadly one of the triggers which has led to this.

Essentially. Ds gets panic attacks on nightime flights and recently when stuck in a traffic jam in the USA on a multi lane highway with a plane to catch. He feels hot/ sick/ desperate to get out. We fly home overnight on Friday and I know he is dreading it. it is worst when he wakes up unrested from a few hours of airplane sleep with several hours flying still to go....

any tips or stories to share? We used to call it travel sickness but I have started now to call it panic because that is what it is.....

Any thoughts appreciated

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